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Lovers of good music in Trnava have been meeting in this club for more than two decades. During this period the club often changed its official name and appearance (formerly K-Club, or the legendary Calypso in 90s), but “Káčko” all the times provided a space for alternative culture in its broadest forms.
 The club hosts a number of concerts, movies, theatrical forms, visual arts, bar quizzes, debates and other forms of sophisticated entertainment. We want everyone to come and get their high quality service at a fair price.
Technical facilities of ARTKLUB: stage with sizes 2.1 meters high, 5.5 meters wide and 4.1 meters depth. The surface is wooden. Dimensions of room without the podium are: 3.2 meters high, 5.5 meters wide and 9.2 meters length. Mix: Behringer x32, Soundcraft Spirit E12, Behringer x32 Rack, Mix DJ: Behringer vmx200, Mics for drums: Audio-Technica MBDK7, CAD drum set, 2xC2, Mic for singing: EV N/D767a 4ks, SHURE SM58, SHURE SM58A beta, 2x SHURE SM57A beta, SHURE SM57, 2x AKG D5, T-bone con. mic. for cello (on request), diBoxy and preamps: Behringer di20 5pc, ART Tube MP. Monitors 4pc (1×15, 1×1″ driver ), 2x stereo amplifier=> four independent monitors. DSP sound procesor, crossover, pmplifiers QSC KS QSC RMX 850, KS QSC RMX 1850, KS QSC RMX 4050 and kabels belongs to it.
MicroVerb4 external efect are available. Fog machine, screen and projector are available too.