LALA Slovak Music Export
Milana Marečka 8
84108 Bratislava
Slovenská republika

We are a non-profit organisation aiming to be the first official Slovak music export initiative. Our main goal is to create a concept of long-term support and presentation of Slovak music scene abroad. We are not focused on specific genres, however, our first steps will be aimed mostly at off-mainstream music. The keywords are cooperation and education. We are very committed to helping Slovak music grow, offer all our experience, network connections in order to contribute to higher level of music education in the country and connect the key players and organisations of our music scene. Better infrastructure and cooperation on the national level => better odds to succeed with our music abroad.

Projects we are currently running or planning:

  1. Series of workshops about music marketing, author rights and music production
  2. Long-term cooperation with the Slovenian music scene
  3. Compilation of four Slovak independent labels and a promotion agency

Founding members:

Monika Satková – booking assistant at Pohoda Festival

Michal Berezňák – production manager at festivals Grape, Uprising, Pohoda and Bratislava Jazz Days

Alexander Čerevka – PR and artist manager at record label Slnko Records

We are open to new members, cooperations, ideas and constructive criticism. Please contact us at