KC Dunaj ~ Culture Centre Dunaj

Cultural center Dunaj is located on the 4th floor of the house on SNP Square in Bratislava. On area of over 900 m2 you will find a bar with terrace, which offers beautiful view of the Old Town.
Dunaj~ is a multifunctional cultural and culture space. Priority is to offer a varied program that includes music, literature, visual arts, theater, cultural activities for children and culture events of clubs and associations. Cultural Center is open to civic activism: from events for the disabled people through the exchange of books to meetings and workshops.
Starting point for the nature and activities of cultural center Dunaj~ is Slovak, Hungarian, Jewish, German and Roma culture background , in line with the history of Bratislava. Dunaj~ has the ambition to become an inspiration for future activities of artists and organizers in all fields of contemporary art.
The whole area is equipped with a Turbo Sound for a great concert experience.