Klub Kolečko

+421 915 832 752
parking: yes

Musical and theater club in the center of the city Žilina provides numerous cultural events in addition to music and theater production as movie screening, workshops, discussions, etc. The main aim of the club is to spread  subcultures and art to the Žilina city. Technical equipment offers: Microphones: Shure – 2xsm58, 2xsm57, 1xpg58, Superlux-pro258, AKG D112, Soundking – 1xED007, 2xED012, 2xED013, 2xED018W, 3xDI box. 2xtechnics sl1210mkII, Denon DNX1600, Phonic Summit digital mixer Yamaha mg166-USB Controller tractor F1 X1mkII, monitors – 2xDB 208 + subbass opera, art 2xRCF 310. Sound 4 × 15 “and subbass 2x1000W hills.