Ondrej Zajac / I Will Be Forgotten

I Will Be Forgotten is the second studio album by the composer Ondrej Zajac, a well-known name on the Central European scene of contemporary music and guitar improvisation. In addition to his solo work, he is also known thanks to numerous collaborations with other musicians (Banausoi, Data Koroptev) and artists from visual arts, film and other media, as well as performing at practically all important festivals, clubs and events (not only) in the Central European environment. Album is released by the label Weltschmerzen (Tittingur, Pain Palace, Tomáš Prištiak, Fokular).


52 Hertz Whale / Phil

The best Slovak post-punk band 52 Hertz Whale finally announced there will be a new album out very soon (end of August / early September). To cut the waiting for the long-awaited album the band released a video for the first song from the new album “Phil“. The album will be called Present Sense Impression and will be released by the labels Weltschmerzen and Full Moon Forum.


Sunnbrella / Wrong

London-based musician David Žbirka aka Sunnbrella has released another dreamy / lofi / shoegaze song called “Wrong”. Totally right for the summer!


PRIE100R / Decht, cín, hlina

The latest single by PRIE100R has a synthesizer with a massive bass sound and a trip hop beat with an ambient guitar. As the name (Tar, tin, clay) of the song suggests it has a very dark and gloomy mood. “Tar represents sadness, tin coldness and alienation, and clay transience and decay,” adds the band.


Edúv Syn / 2

The new EP by Edúv Syn is again full of dark lyrics and experimental beats. And again full of guests! We already wrote about the song Mentos” with Dušan Vlk back in May. In “Točím ťa na kameru” we hear Berlin Manson, “Furt to skúšajú” has a feat. by lobbyboy&saab900turbo and of course Žakhéles, the king of the hood is rapping on the last track of the EP called “Hood“.



FVCK_KVLT / Mizéria

The first single from the upcoming new record by Fvck_Kvlt



Kodiki / Still

Electronic producer and motion designer Kodiki announced he’ll be releasing a new album by the end of August 2022. In the meantime, feel free to check out his latest video for the song Still!