Berlin Manson / Netancujem, kývem hlavou

Berlin Manson are back with not just a new track, but a video too! The new single will appear on the band’s upcoming EP called “Life ends when you’re 13.” Nevertheless, it is important to mention what Michael Papcun wrote in Kapitál: “…their sound and attitude are not just about boundless fun. Berlin Manson are a proof of a complete genre, production and attitude freedom, without trying to achieve a predetermined image or fit somewhere.” This new track is also a proof of that. Let’s see what the future brings!


White Place / Nocebo

Psych-pop band White Place released the third single from their upcoming album called In Context, scheduled for release at the end of this year. The video for the song was shot on the experimental stage of the Jonáš Záborský Theater in Prešov. Adrián Jenčo traditionally took care of the camera. The direction, editing, effects and overall concept of the clip were covered by Daniel Jenčo.


ADONXS / Moving On

The winner of the latest Slovak SuperStar series, Adam Pavlovčin recently revealed his new moniker / stage name ADONXS under which he released his debut single called Moving On. “For me, ADONXS connects with strength, both physical and mental. It gives me the courage to step on the stage, overcome any obstacle and be free on the stage. I hope that it will provide the same strength and support to my listeners, because we all have the potential to be free and to express our personality freely, ” says the artist. He also collaborated with producers and composers Oliver Fillner and Tomáš Löbb on Moving On. (Luvver).


Richard Grimm (Boh Vajec) / HAMU & HAMU 2

The young composer Richard Grimm, also working under the moniker Boh Vajec and playing in the band God And Eve, released yet two “albums” of improvised songs in May. The records called HAMU and HAMU 2 were created on the premises of the Faculty of Music and Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Grimm commented on the recording process: “Thank you to my school, thank you that no one was in it there.” As if two recordings were not enough, Grimm also wrote “5 Short Etudes – The Brain”, which you can hear in Monika Mockovčáková’s interpretation here.


Edúv Syn / Mentos feat. Dušan Vlk Nocebo

After three months since the last release we get to hear a new single by singer, rapper and visual artist Edúv Syn. The track called “Mentos” from upcoming new EP was created in collaboration with another talented rapper Dušan Vlk and producer Edosh.


Fvck_Kvlt / Antiwar Songbook

About wars, the current socio-politic situation and about that tragicomic thing called human being… The Antiwar Songbook EP by one of the most significant personas on the current domestic independent scene covers all of these topics and not just them. Fvck_Kvlt is an exceptional artist with a strong voice and a whole lot to say. An unmistakable musician with an attitude. This is also evidenced by the merchandise for the album, from sale of which he sends all the proceeds to anarchists fighting for free Ukraine.


Drť / Minister

The month of May saw a release of another strong record. The engaged band Drť, drawing on punk, free jazz and hardcore released their second studio album, named “Minister“. Composer and author of the project Miroslav Tóth and lyricist Marek Kundlák processed a controversial recording by former Minister Ján Počiatek and former Attorney General Dobroslav Trnka. Their statements are very open, vulgar and the leek of the original recording of their conversation caused a great scandal in Slovakia. However, this musical recontextualization not only reflects the level of communication of high state officials, but also reveals one of the forms of top politics, the background of government business and a political set that must never return to power…



ANXIETA is the fifth full-length album by Slovak music producer Pkrek. As with all of his previous studio albums, also this project revolves around specific theme. This time it is a theme of nostalgia, past and anxiety with a lot of musicians who appeared on the new record. Among the guests on the album we hear: Edúv Syn, IAmNøt, Reset & DJ Spinhandz and Holé Baby. 



Breathe the Vapor / Nice To See Ya

Breathe the Vapor or Lukáš Klinec is a Slovak music producer, sound engineer and graphic designer. The new single with a summer vibe is a genre mix of pop, hip-hop and R&B. In recent months, the young producer has also worked on the soundtrack for the dance film Selfmotion, in which he worked together with musicians Jimmy Pé and Young Aesthete.