Ešli / Blessed

If you haven’t heard of a Prague based American from Slovakia Ešli, let us fix it. With her debut single Blessed, she contributed to the collection for the Milovice Nature Reserve, where a music video for the song was created. Although this is her first official single, Ashley “Ešli” Abrman is no newcomer to the Czech-Slovak music scene – you can know her also as the frontwoman of The High Corporation and Zorba že ja Buddha projects. Most recently she joined the Czech band Metastavy.


Pkrek / Ticho (feat. Edúv Syn, Bob Mono & Tom Rothschild)

Two months after we were thrilled with his first single, producer Pkrek introduced another track from his anticipated album. The new song, titled Ticho, came in collaboration with Edúv Syn, Bob Mono (Fat Kit, Talkshow) and Tom Rothschild (Skywalker). The musicians recorded their footage at home during COVID and the final video has been taken care of by Štefan Kurilla.


TIMEA / Lose my air

Timea debuted just six months ago when she released her EP Confusion of Warmth. Thenceforth, you can regularly hear her songs on Rádio_FM, where she led the chart Osmička with the song Terms and Conditions for several weeks. Now she wants to follow up on the success of her first recording with a new single Lose My Air.


Kolektív Ruiny / SILO

For the past five years, Projekt Ruiny has been rejuvenating abandoned and decaying industrial landmarks by using them for concerts, exhibitions and discussions. This refusal of disuse also defines the character of SILO by Kolektív Runy, which disposes of all aspects of such cultural urban exploration besides the two most monumental – sound and time. The trio of musicians kept returning to sugar and brewery silos in Rimavská Sobota (southern Slovakia) for over six months to listen to their sounds and reply with improvisations. 


Veneer / Two Ends of the Same Spectrum

“The laziest Slovak dream pop band” Veneer have shared a new song called Two Ends of the Same Spectrum. The track is the preview of the band’s anticipated EP Near You, which is set to be released on September 24 by Deadred Records


Lotta / Seafarer

The single Léonard, which we also mentioned in our May overview, teased the first larger musical work of a singer-songwriter and composer Dagmar Mišíková, known as Lotta. Her name has so far been mentioned mainly in connection with the band Fallgrapp, for whom she wrote several lyrics. Earlier this month, she released her own debut EP called Seafarer. Four songs, enchanting atmospheres and melodies that will take you to another world.


Eremen & Petijee / Únikový Východ II

It’s been over seven years since Eremen & Petijee released the debut album Únikový východ. Now the musicians drop the volume 2, that concludes all things considered good in the realm of Rap music by this duo. Eremen is a verbal acrobat, oxymoron lover and a sharp punchline thrower. He is a Slovak blend between the Czech MC Kato and the British Mike Skinner. Combined with Petijee’s striking talent, impeccable life form and the ability to morph freely between the walls of hip hop and the infinite universe of neo soul, this album acquires an atmosphere that Slug and Ant could easily envy.


Burgr/Štrpka / Utečenci

Utečenci (“The Refugees”) is the third single from Ľubomír Burgr’s album called Burgr / Štrpka, which compiles the creative collaboration and dialogue with the poet, lyricist and living legend Ivan Štrpka. The album was released in December 2020 as a CD and as an LP in February 2021 by Vlna Records.


Queer Jane / Brian Wilson Auf Der Autobahn

Queer Jane released their eighth music video for the album Amen Dolores, which was dropped in March 2020 on Bruuder Records. The surreal music video for the song with the eloquent title Brian Wilson Auf Der Autobahn will please you with its unobtrusive atmosphere and captivate with the story of a dancer in infinite space.


Porsche Boy / AHA AHA

We like Porsche boy. Or at least 3/4 of our export office. The new track AHA AHA was released on the streams earlier last month.