Despite social distancing forcing musicians into isolation, new music, fortunately, did not stop coming up. Many bands found the ways of shifting the creative process online and work on new music remotely. 


BULP / Auri

A new single Auri from the upcoming EP Parvin in addition to its dance and dynamic character reflects the intimate relationship between mother and daughter. Producer Samo Štefanec combined rhythmic breakbeat drums with a strong bass, enriched with synthetic textures that transported the listener beyond the boundaries of familiar sound. 


Tolstoys / Tempo

Tempo was created from Prague, Bratislava and Berlin via conference calls. Tolstoys collaborated with New Zealand producer Drew Deal living in Germany. Noises and voices used in the track are supposed to remind the feelings of socialization, full concert venues and bars. The experience is enhanced by a special “pandemic costume”.


FVLCRVM / Bad Blood

FVLCRVM has released his latest bouncy new pop jam Bad Blood. The song comes before his forthcoming EP Attentioncore which is due to be out on the 17th of July. Bad Blood may sound like a love ballad but in reality, the inspiration came from online discussions. The track creates a magical aura taking the indie electronic genre to its finest beauty and quality. 



Sam Handwich / uuuuaaooo

For the cheese fans, the young Slovak band has shared a new dance single with an unconventional name uuuuaaooo. As the text suggests and the video clip only confirms, it is a unique ode to raw delicacies of various forms and tastes. The song and the clip itself had to be created exclusively in the online space, where the ideas and comments on the emerging single were shared.


LUVVER / Misguider / #staymild

LUVVER continues with the trend of releasing new music every two weeks. In addition to clear influences, the new tracks are characterized by strict sound consistency. While Misguider follows the inspirations from the 80’s electropop and disco, #staymild is inspired by contemporary electronics and at the end enriched with a slight metal flight.



Stroon – Temple Timbre Embers

In termis of form, the concept of the album Temple Timbre Embers is contemporary church music. There is an effort to capture the majesty of organ music and to convey this amazing experience to the visitor of the club or festival. At the same time, there is an obvious link to club dance electronics, which is reminiscent of “Flume” synthesizers.



SAYS / Halfblood

SAYS have shared new single at the end of this months, Halfblood is a pleasant sound experiment accompanied by the visual from Kubriel from the Nano vjs collective.