IAmNøt / Changes

Bratislava producer and DJ Sofia Nøt from the IAmNøt project releases her debut album with the characteristic name “Changes”. The album is based on the sound of dance electronica of the 90s and describes her struggle with gender identity. The video clip for the title song “Changes” won an award at the international film festival in Košice and also made it to the prestigious video clip festival in London. The album ‘Changes’ was released on September 9, on all digital platforms and as an LP on black vinyl under the labels Urbsounds and Haluzeum Produkt.


Nina Pixel / A Goddess Comes From Within the Earth

Berlin based Slovakian artist Nina Pixel is known in Slovakia mainly as a DJ, but also for her dark audiovisual performances. Moreover, also as one of the members of the collective of the successful album Liptov, which brought folklore heard from a completely different side. The release of her debut album Ancestral Archeology is scheduled for October 13. In September, Nina released her first single and video for the track A Goddess Comes From Within the Earth


Karol Mikloš / This Side Of Town

On the album called This Side Of Town, Karol and the band closed themselves in their own multi-colored microworld, which transcends any genre boundaries and is also a perfect retrospective of his 30-year career. On his fourth studio album, Karol Mikloš offers a collection of twelve diverse compositions, in which he presents new approaches, but also references to his previous work. It is a complex story about the pitfalls of middle age in the situation of a new pandemic, a threatening cloud coming from the East and many other threats, and about finding freedom and reconciliation in one’s own world and the space provided by music.


Tittingur / Technopol

The 4th album by the experimental techno avalanche Tittingur is out now on Weltschmerzen label. To begin with, Technopol was supposed to be their most straightforward techno album, only to turn out the exact opposite. Perhaps the duo can never fathom how to make a straight techno track. But that is where it always gets most interesting. Right now we are not sure if Technopol can still even be considered a techno album, despite the name. Not that it matters. Moving somewhere into deep waters of contemporary electronic sonic explorations, we hear rumble, anguish, ecstasy. Heartache. Technopol was in its final production, its mixing stage when the war in Ukraine began. Tittingur were unable to look or feel elsewhere.


Peter Lipa / Čosi

Peter Lipa is an icon of Slovak jazz and an integral part of our music scene. After the summer premiere of the funny and imaginative composition “Anjel strážnik” presented a song that literally carries an experiential flavor not only lyrically, but also visually. Milan Lasica’s text was perfectly rendered with scenic movements by dancers Simona Machovičová and Laco Cmorej. The sound was taken care of by pianist composer Martin “Majlo” Štefánik and sound engineer and producer Jonatán Pastirčák (Pjoni, Isama Zing). 


Tamara Kramar / Oh My Mind

Tamara Kramar is a Brighton-based singer-songwriter from Slovakia. This year has been fruitful for Tamara – not only did she finish her undergraduate studies in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, she also won the Discovery of the Year at the Radio_Head Awards curated by Radio_FM. Following her true passions, Tamara enrolled in a Music Production Master’s degree to begin this fall. In the meantime, Tamara is busy playing solo and full-band gigs and festivals across her home country and the UK, inspired mainly by the Neo-Soul scene of the 90s with a modern pop twist.


András Cséfalvay / Future Role of the Church in the Forthcoming Environmental Transformation

András Cséfalvay makes simple music with a potent atmosphere. A well-known figure in the Slovak underground (artistic, literary and music) scene, he returns after years of silence with a collection of intense songs. It’s music which tackles both fantasy concepts and environmental trauma; Cséfalvay, armed only with the voice of a bard and his own hand-made guitar, will kindle your imagination and take you to the most unexpected corners of your mind.


Dennyiah / Recall

Recall is a music video from the studio of the Slovak duo Dennyiah, starring actress Tána Pauhofová and Marek Geišberg. It was filmed under the direction of Erika Jasaň from Dog 95 film factory. The video has already won several awards at festivals in New York, Florence, Paris, Rome, Tokyo and Los Angeles. It was also selected as a finalist at the 52nd USA Film Festival, which is a qualifying festival for the Canadian National Film Awards, and was also selected as a semi-finalist at the 26th Rhode Island International Film Festival (Academy Award Qualifying Oscar). 


The Wilderness / IV

The Wilderness is a DIY HC/punk band. In their lyrics, they focus on the political, religious and socio-critical topics, philosophical and moral dilemmas, conflicts of subjective vision of the world and objective reality. The Punk trio’s frontman Denis Bango is also known from his solo trap project  FVCK_KVLT.