New releases from Fvck_Kvlt, Space Cats, Prezident Lourajder and more. Check out the new music that caught our ears in October.


Fvck_Kvlt / Zabijem sa!

After the significant debut of Kvlt Teachings, rapper and producer Fvck_Kvlt continues with the recording Zabijem sa!. The whole album, including recording, arrangement, mix and also the resulting master, is his 100% DIY work. This time he crosses genre boundaries by collaborating with the names such as Prezident Lourajder, Karlo, Edúv synIdea or Boy Wonder.


Katarzia / Hoří i voda

The international community of artists is bringing a new impetus to the important debate on women’s rights and status these days through the ambitious music video Hoři i voda. It is backed by a large team of artists and creatives, led by musician Katarzia, director Jay Walker, cinematographer Anna Smoroňová and photographer Hana Knížová.


Analogrunner, Possimiste / Haze of Sirens

Analog sound collector Analogrunner has decided to reconstruct an older composition, originally composed with the help of his favorite “vintage machines” Nord Modular G2 and Alesis MMT-8. The impulse came during the Kolorika tour, where he was accompanied at concerts by his court vocalist Possimiste, an Estonian singer living in Iceland.


Felix / Koniec Roka

The album Koniec roka of the Felix music project is a collection of musical ideas and miniature compositions that follow each other and have a unifying tempo. They differ from each other by the sounds used and the compositional processing. The concept album consists of 23 songs, the names of which do not make sense in themselves. Together, however, they form a manual for listening to him.


Space Cats / Space Cats EP

After several years on the stage, the Bratislava trio Space Cats is releasing their debut, eponymous EP. Their music is a cross-section of various electronic genres that the band members love and interpret “live” – the beats of drummer Luboš Ambrozai are complemented by Miloš Bulík on bass guitar, exaggerated through a number of effect “boxes” and Julián Ratica on synthesizers.


Prezident Lourajder / Domáce Práce

Immediately after the release of Nonstop, Prezident Lourajder became involved in various domestic works and the result is his first beattape. “I made an instrumental album. Finally. I do beats longer than I rap. After the solo album Úrad (ajlavmjuzik, Slowatch 2015), I left the beatmaker alterego Ujko and started producing as Prezident Lourajder.”


This is Kevin / 2020

This Is Kevin is an electronic music project founded in Slovakia in 1991. The eighth album entitled 2020 is stylized in the form of a sound annual calendar, highlighted by a graphic paraphrase of the historical Aztec calendar. Twelve genre-diverse compositions copy the diversity of the months of 2020, from January to the upcoming December.


Boy wonder / Život je Lajf 

Život je Lajf is a visual memory of summer, the ease of being and insight that Boy Wonder is still keeping also in 2020. The single heralds the arrival of a long-playing recording.


Dephzac / The Journey

The pioneer of drum & bass production in Slovakia, Dephzac, is releasing his third album. “It is a journey. The path we have had to go through in the last few months. I wanted the album to be hilarious, but also interesting. There are treks that are 160 and 165 BPM, and I’m very happy to see other DNB producers start to return to slower speeds.”


Ephemeral Harms / Holy Wood

Ephemeral Harms is a music project of the Slovak interdisciplinary artist Jan Durina. After the audiovisual performance For You Katrina, with which he performed in several European cities (including Berlin’s Berghain), in 2019 he made the eponymous debut of the new music project Ephemeral Harms. Holy Wood is the first single from his next upcoming recording called Written.



Foto: Hana Knížová