Nina Pixel / Ancestral Archeology

Nina Pixel is a conceptual sound artist, using field and voice recordings, tapping and cracking rhythms in never-ending journeys, pre-apocalyptic fairy tales, and emotional topography of unique landscapes, like the archeologist of the human soul. Her music is a journey into the noisy rites and industrial myths strongly inspired by nature.

Nina is recently working on reimagining Slovak folklore by redefining cultural narratives via a project called Ancestral Archeology.  She performed in national galleries in Amsterdam or Prague, Berlin clubs like Suicide Circus or Tresor or industrial spaces, silos and old factories and is currently based in Berlin.


Blame Your Genes / Moss (feat. Neraev)

Brand new track by the electronic producer Blame Your Genes features the vocals by the singer Neraev. The single will be released on the upcoming EP called “Skins” out on Well Played Records. You can already preorder the vinyl on their website Well Played Records. Skins will also feature the song with Slovak singer Timea and will contain Whithe’s remix of Ruins.


Vlado Nosal & The Avedons / Cold Cigarette

Debut single by Vlado Nosal & The Avedons, a band led by former frontman of the leading Slovak indie rock band Queer Jane. It marks yet another international collaboration with Nosal being joined by a multiple Grammy-nominated producer, Ken Coomer (Wilco, Sheryl Crow, Billy Bragg, Al Green) and a frequent associate, Boo Hewerdine. The song’s lyrics can be seen both as an ode to escapism and a tongue-in-cheek reaction to today’s troubled world, mentioning “an awful lot of people in heaven”, who “couldn’t get a room in hell”. The single is released digitally by Bruuder Records.


Letá / Obzory

The song is part of the album Obzory – audiovisual project of two longtime friends called Letá. In the beginning, there were joint trips and winter hikes to various mountains with guitars on their backs. There, the first ideas and melodies along with a modest ambition to create something meaningful, were born. The result is 15 songs embedded in 13 visual micro-stories that coexist independently, while simultaneously creating one cinematic whole. More about the project at Slnko Records.


ADONXS / Cold Summer

Official Video for the third single “Cold Summer” by ADONXS from his upcoming debut album. ADONXS is also known as Adam Pavlovčin – winner of SuperStar 2021 a joint Czech-Slovak version of the Idol series’ Pop Idol. Similar to the first two of singles, this song is also in English, which is natural for the singer. “I’m singing in English, because it’s a bit closer to me musically and I have more experience with it. So the first album will be in English. Later I would definitely like to release songs in my native language as well. It’s a challenge for me in a way to make a quality song in Slovak, which will not sound pathetic, and at the same time will be global.”



Purist / Ladyboi

Purist is electronic pop duo Juraj Peták and Alan Prekop based in Bratislava. After five years they released a new single called Ladyboi and dedicated it to the LGBTI+ community. “After the events that took place in the Tepláreň bar on Zámocká Street in Bratislava, we consider it important to publicly express our opinion and stand up for the community of people who are part of our lives, among them are our friends and we love them. The song Ladyboi was created last year and speaks openly about the desire for freedom, understanding and about otherness, which our society is still unable to understand and accept. For us, otherness means uniqueness. Uniqueness is precious and therefore must be valued and protected.” says the band.


Hands Of Maples / September

One man project called Hands Of Maples released a mood track as a tribute to the American poet Frank O’Hara. As the composer said: “It’s great that you can do a feat with someone who’s been dead for 60 years. The poem is called September 14, 1959 (MOON)”.