Nov / Anatómia chobotnice

Following their previously released singles Slnečnica a David Lynch, Bratislava-based band Nov released their debute EP containing three more songs. “The abstract lyrics were created as a get-away from anxiety attacks and insomnia. They deal with the loss of a loved one, (dis)love for oneself, fascination with foreign lands and verbal metaphors,” comments the singer of the quintet, Nina Tarasovičová. The mixing and mastering of the EP was done by Dominik Suchý also known from Tittingur and Pain Palace.


Karol Mikloš / Awkward Laughter

The single Awkward Laughter is preceding the new album by Karol Mikloš named This Side of Town. The fourth studio album by Mikloš will be released on 23rd September by Deadred Records. “Like many, we took advantage of the covid times by closing ourselves off into our own world and creating our own microcosm, which we called This Side of Town – it’s a multi-colored world that transcends any genre definitions and it’s also a perfect retrospective of my 30-year work on the scene,” explains Karol Mikloš about his new album.


Dead Janitor / Forms

Elektronic producer Dead Janitor is a well respected persona on the Slovak experimental electronic scene. His latest album called Forms was released by Budapest-based label EXILES. “The definition of ‘form’ is the shape of a person, animal or a thing. It can be also the essential nature of a thing, distinguished from its matter. The concept for the album was to find some small elements of natural sounds such as a wood knock, a paper cut or the spin of a bike wheel, and to build something synthetic out of them, to find new approaches for both the emotional and artificial characteristics of abstract compositions. The names of the songs are variations on the FORM, as the form bends in itself.“ explains Dead Janitor.


zef / 4:20 (Už je čas)

zef is Jozef Rezník is the singer and guitarist of the popular indie-rock band called Walter Schnitzelsson. This is his first, freshly released solo track. “I thought for a long time about how it could sound, and at the same time I knew that I didn’t want to get rid of the guitar completely. I just disfigured her a little, beyond recognition. As the name 4:20 suggests, it’s about a very good moment where I kind of try to slow down time and enjoy the moment a little longer,” comments zef.


Jimmy Pé / Puzzle EP

Jimmy Pé has just recently returned from an American tour and right after that released a new EP called Puzzle. It is also the first record on which no instrumental tracks appear and all tracks have vocals. The guests and co-authors of the songs are the singer Laura WengToelloSanahaus as well as the Californian rapper Alma Rosae. After putting out the first single “Pé Is Not Dead!“, Jimmy releases another music video for the dance track Booty Pop.


Tolstoys / Love Is Not For Rent

Tolstoys are on a roll with videos from their latest album. This one is for the song “Love Is Not For Rent”.


Boh Vajec / ONÉ

The ultra-productive and creative composer Richard Grimm aka Boh Vajec has written and released another record: ONÉ. The experimental recording contains 8 diverse songs, 18 minutes of music. There is math, there is punk, there is wit and playfulness. What more can you ask for?


Päfgens / Der Regen

Päfgens are Jana and Filip, partners in music and life, currently located in Berlin. “Der Regen tries to map a trace of two years. It comes from nowhere, takes you to a place for a moment and leaves as suddenly as it came. Subtle, yet very strong.” Jana Kočišová and Filip Drábek worked on this album with Adam Badí Donoval (mixing) and Isobutane (mastering). Album contains six atmospheric tracks. Filen under: ambient, drone, field recordings, soundscapes…