Boh Vajec / “punk”

The solo project Boh Vajec is releasing his debut album called “punk”. In his music he focuses on rhythmic variety, theatricality, but at the same time he is not afraid to use elements of minimalism. He works bravely with sound, he tries to use instrumental tools with ordinary working tools, such as a planer or a screwdriver. It combines electronics and acoustic instruments, fluctuates somewhere between seriousness and recession.

Penumbra Vortex / Phases

Penumbra Vortex is a solo project of Daniel Kozlík, known from various sludge doom/hardcore punk projects. His debut Phases explores sonic layers in ambient-drone territories using guitar, bows, effects, loops, amps, feedback and tapemachine.

Jimmy Pé / Endless Smile

‘Endless Smile’ from Jimmy Pé is here to evoke joy in those who love that real gritty trap shit. A hypnotic melody lays the foundation, pulling you in before smacking you with clashing swords, trap horns, dizzying percussion, and “finish him” vocals. The track is Mortal Kombat meets sinister bass for an epic trap banger. Released by Quality Goods Records. (source fuxwithit.com)

White Place / This Is the Truth Speaking

This Is The Truth Speaking is the second song from White Place’s announced album, which emphasizes a combination of electronic and live drums along with acoustic sound interwoven with live samples and distinctive vocals by frontman Daniel Jenčo.

Sam Handwich / GND Lift

Unlike the previous singles dealing with the corners of the gastronomic world, the new single Through GND Lift deals with the importance of interpersonal contact. It shows band’s darker face, develops deeper ideas and indicates the level of diversity of the EP that is about to be released this year.

Small Town Life / Common Grey

Garage-rock band Small Town Life released their debut album Common Gray. At the end of last year, the band released the single Sarcasm as a notification of the completion of the album, which soon reached the official Spotify playlists. Sarcasm points out the hypocrisy and shallowness of their generation, the rest of the album deals with similar topics.

KIN / Weirdo

Czechoslovak group KIN represents the single Weirdo from the upcoming eponymous album. The EP, which was created in the studio of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, captures a trio deconstructing common practices and looking for new concepts within the framework of authorial work and improvisation.

FVLCRVM / Goodbye (BABii Remix)

“I had no idea the lyrics of the track would resonate so much throughout what is happening with the world lately and the pieces of it keep coming back to me. And since literally everyone is being challenged mentally last months I hope you found your way to stay sane and if not you’re not afraid to talk about it cause that’s very very important!”

Isobutane / Mementos

Memento is a collection of 11 electronic pieces from an madly-productive electronic producer Isobutane in various tempos and moods, of which up to 8 have collaborated with a plethora of famous names of the Slovak scene such as Autumnist, Erik Šulc (Medial Banana), Miloš Bulík (Space Cats), Miloš Rabatin (PPE). ), arχ, Adam Kobyda, as well as Filip and Jana Drábek (Päfgens) and a special foreign guest Larah from Mexico.

Whithe & Blure / Atticus

Whithe released a new single called Atticus, which is a “future garage” collaboration with Venezuelan producer Blure.

The Youniverse / Cold Hearted Parter

The Youniverse introduced their new Cold Hearted Parter single, along with an atypical vertical video created via the Facetime mobile app. This is the third preview of the upcoming album NEON, which will be released soon by Bruuder Records.

God and Eve / Banging my head against a brick wall

God and Eve band consists of music composition students Richard Grimm and Eva Sajanová. Their music project is diverse, we can find elements of art pop, jazz or psychedelia in it. They use live musical instruments and electronics and indulge in rich vocals. They present their second single Banging my head against a brick wall together with an avant-garde music video.

Kasioboy / Svätý Vankúš

After the summer banger Biosong, Pino aka Kasioboy comes with a new single Svätý Vankúš (Saint Pillow). The new song shows Kasioboy’s more serious and engaged side. The driving force of the media and the pitfalls of misinformation are the main theme of the single.