David Kollar / Sonic Pulses

Music based on the use of drones, or the delays that need to be archetypal for Japan, India and Australia, spread in Europe in the 20th century thanks to minimalism, alternative rock and electronic music. David Kollar composed the music from Sonic Pulses album in real time. 4 days a week I layered a baritone guitar and strings. The first layer decided on the length of the song. Then I recorded another 3 layers. In the final, each song has 4 layers recorded in a row.

NaiKavols / Woke

Woke by NaiKavols develops the concept of self-knowledge and is a collection of fragments of the author’s experiences. In the album we can hear the influences of styles such as techno, pop, contemporary piano compositions, ambient and modular music.

God and Eve / The Creation

They are young, they study music composition and they like contemporary classical music, jazz and artpop. Despite the fact that they managed to play only one concert, Kevin Cole of KEXP or Michal Kaščák from the Pohoda festival are already praising their work. God and Eve just released their debut EP The Creation.

Eremen & Petijee / Moja krú

The duo’s first track from the upcoming album is released 7 years after their debut Escape East. Moja kru is a typical “reprezent track” of their community, friends and social ties.

Queer Jane / I Went To See My Face

The Bratislava indie band Queer Jane released a video for the song I Went To See My Face. This is the seventh video from the last studio album Amen Dolores. Through a simple composition, the video clip conveys the meaning of the text to the viewer.

Absorver / Absorvations

Distorted, glitchy instrumentation, minimal repetitive melodies, beats and samples with tape-like lo-fi processing. Synths, saxophones, warped guitars, unintelligible vocal samples, ambient textures, experimental randomizations. Absorver’s melancholic nature in combination with ethereal downtempo electronica at its best. Absorvations was released on Mai Lei Bel, an independent record label founded in Kittsee, Austria.

Haf & Beyuz / Číslo 5 žije

Slovak legendary duo Tomáš Hafner and producer Beyuz is coming after 6 years with a fifth studio album called Číslo 5 žije. They recorded it at the end of 2020 in the Zion5 studio, and in addition to Hafner, you can also hear Miška Turza on the album, who is already a permanent fixture of their label Brekeke Records.

Javor.ina / Temná hodina

The songwriter Martina Javor and her husband – drummer, pianist and composer Marián Slávka, first presented their joint project Javor.ina three years ago in the form of a beautiful composition Soľ nad zlato. After a long pause, the couple comes up with a new song that goes under the skin with strong lyrics and unpredictability of the music composition.