Samuel Hošek / Our Time is Now

After years of successful collaborations, Samuel Hošek releases his own debut album Our Time is Now. The compositions show the versatility of the singer and the author, the detailed work of the vocals or the unexpected rap. The lyrics of the songs tell stories of relationships and the search for one’s own identity, they solve questions of faith in God and its limitations. Along with a music-rich album, he is releasing a music video for the single Magic Carpet.


Edúv Syn x Terez Frecerová / Bindi

Edúv Syn has a new video for the song Bindi from the EP Plakala released in June this year. “I went to watch a making of Karlo’s official video during the weekend and I saw how to do it. Have lights, space, idea, storyboard and kettering. It was fun. Our shooting was the complete opposite, so you can see how you absolutely shouldn’t do it. But we did it out of love. ” (source Edúv Syn FB)

Tittingur / Nununu

The heavyweight experimental techno dyad Tittingur released a new video for their track Nununu. The emblematic song comes from third album Epiphany (released in May 2020) on Weltschmerzen. In line with the styling of Tittingur’s previous videos, it is a kind of visual poem, very minimalist but touching precisely in its brevity. (src All Things Loud)

NaiKavols / Mortality

Duality is the main idea of the song Morality by NaiKavols. Every thing in the world has two or more sides. The composition also has the task of encouraging the listener to self-reflect and reflect on its existence and perception of the world. It is about understanding, in a way finding and realizing your “positive and negative sides” and finding a balance between our id, ego and superorder.

FVCK_KVLT feat. Boy Wonder / Boom

“A little bit to the video. Yes, I have knocked out tooth again, I knocked out it by the microphone during the concert. Due to the bullshit of 2020, I haven’t had time to fix it yet. There will be a golden tooth. Don’t ask me that anymore. haha. Thanks to Wonder for participating in this matter. I was after quite wild days, so I’m fucked in the clip the way life is fucked. Thanks a lot to Paťo Reguli for taking care of everything about this clip,” says Fvck_Kvlt about a new video Boom on his Facebook.

FVLCRVM /2020 special

To all the ravers, unstoppable Fvlcrvm have made two new “unofficial” club smashers to ease the pain of missing club nights. 


Deadred XX

The compilation for the 20th anniversary of the independent label Deadred Records consists of ten separate songs, recorded especially for the occasion. Together they present veterans of the label (Nylon Union, Autumnist, Karol Mikloš, Veneer, Jelly Belly), relatively newer additions to the catalog (Analogrunner, Bulp, Stroon, Gabriel Kain) but also a completely fresh blood, represented by Nina Kohoutová.

Tanze Elze / Zelená / Malé Mesto

More than three years have passed since Tante Elze‘s excellent long-running debut of the project called Matter. The new double single Zelená / Malé Mesto presents Tante Elze in an even more intimate form than usual. Exceptionally, on a small snow-white cut plate we find only the lone voice and piano of Veronika Lečková Seppová, whose simplicity and purity excel in the absence of Tomáš Prištiak’s electronics.

Päfgens / Arthrolyse

Everything is in motion. Sometimes, this motion can be quite disturbing, chaotic, resulting in dissonance. On other moments, pieces of chaos start to harmonise. Päfgens is duo, a couple in music and in life, coming from Slovakia, formed in Warsaw and living in Berlin. Their last release of the year is a two piece drone EP called Arthrolyse.

Apex / Line Gate

As a project, Line Gate has been undergoing a slow, steady transformation, much like the longform drone works that have come to characterise it. What began as a band in 2010 and most recently surfaced as a solitary hurdy-gurdy resonance on Den in 2017 has now flourished into Apex, Michal Vaľko’s latest album. Apex, simultaneously an album about perceiving the beauty around us, about sacredness, and a meditation on a state of timelessness and seeming non-action, is divided into two 30-minute pieces.

arχ / Flooded

Flooded is a “short album or a long EP” of arχ, a Slovak musician also known from the project Isobutane. All the links find here: https://arx.wtf/

Small Town Life / Sarcasm

The young Slovak trio Small Town Life releases the second single Sarcasm from their long-prepared album “Common Gray”, which is about to be released digitally on January 21, 2021. In the song Sarcasm they try to point out the hypocrisy of their generation. The band recorded the single itself, mastered by Boris Sodom from Bratislava’s High Five Mastering.