FVLCRVM / X-tacy

FVLCRVM is back with a retro-futuristic video for his new single X-tacy. The track recalls 90s music style eurodance. The video itself was made in game engine in cooperation with Czech virtual artist  NIVVA.


Martin Matys / Kharkiv

Martin Matys is a Slovak rapper living in Prague, a representative of intelligent, full-fledged rap. His music is released by the Czech label Ty nikdy. Matys has long been writing about social issues and this socially engaged song against the war in Ukraine also includes some heavy lyrics. 


Buy Her Sugar / April

Social isolation – that’s the theme of Buy Her Sugar‘s brand new single called April. It is a direct message of apathy, a rational statement of feelings of loneliness. The band collaborated on the song with Erik Horák, as well as electronic producer Blame Your Genes, who also appears in the video.


Analogrunner / Echo Cube

Echo Cube, the new album by electronic producer Analogrunner, is a delicately laid out mosaic of electronic compositions, demonstrating diversity and sound coloring and characterized by the collective collaboration of the various participating artists. It contains vocal tracks as a result of collaboration with several musicians as well as instrumental pieces. The album is released by Deadred Records as a limited 12 “vinyl and digital on all known streaming platforms.



Katarína Máliková / Uspávanka pre Kryštofa

Sad and beautiful at the same time is the title song for the film Kryštof, composed by the award-winning musician Katarína Máliková. The video, in which the artist herself played, was released shortly before the film premiere. The lyrics of the song The Lullaby for Kryštof are an adaptation of the poem Halali by the Moravian poet Jan Skácel who was persecuted during the rule of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia.


Dis Is Markéta / hrajžemi

Dis Is Markéta is a new band from Nitra. Their freshly released EP called hrajžemi contains five songs, that are inspired by Slovak traditional music, world music as well as contemporary music. The band consists of five young musicians of various musical background. Mastering, mixing and production was done by Tomáš Lobb a Martin Zaujec, who are also known as the members of Slovak band called Luvver.


Tolstoys / Dokola

Tolstoys released another song from their latest album Mirror Me. The song is called Dokola and the video was done by Michal Mikuš (Bubblegum).


Good Mood / Akvareal

The new album Akvareal by electronic producer combines delicate aural electronica with euphoric dance tracks, playful improvisation and industrial experimentation. It is thus reminiscent of a palette on which new and new layers of colour are added over time. And it is this process that gives the resulting work its unmistakable authorial expression. The album works perfectly as a whole, but also as individual paintings. “You can enjoy my album as a complete one hour exhibition, but feel free to enjoy it one track at a time – like my paintings hanging in your living room,” smiles Good Mood. The album Akvareal will be released on April 29th 2022 on the prestigious Slovak music label Leporelo.


Ľuboslav Krajňak / The Colous

Ľuboslav Krajňak also known from the duo Waterbased (currently working on their debut album) released an experimental album called The Colous. The album is a collection of ambient tracks to accompany the exhibition of Krajňak’s paintings. “Paintings reflect my opinion about society and a difficult life in the art world” adds the author.




Kabal / Vampire Castle EP

Vampire Castle EP by now Prague-based musician Kabal explores and subverts the framework of a particular genre, its boundaries whether elastic or sturdy. Being constrained by stylistic tropes can be surprisingly liberating, and perhaps ephemeral too, a mirage. The tracks resulted from spontaneous sessions: from experimenting with text-to-speech to strumming on a guitar. Deeply personal, the EP reflects a specific period of his life. The three-track EP was released by Budapest-based label Dalmata Daniel.


Martin Burlas / Hovoria k nám mŕtvi

After two months we also get to hear a new track by Martin Burlas, Hovoria k nám mŕtvi / The dead are talking to us”…