52 Hertz Whale / Present Sense Impression

In the three years since the release of their first album, 52 Hertz Whale have confirmed their reputation as one of the most riveting live acts in the region. Whether they’re playing on an open stage or in a club, the group of five plays with an intensity of their own – the audience isn’t as much drawn-in as it’s engulfed. Their music is orderly, but also wholly unrepressed, and it doesn’t struggle to connect.

Some of the songs were produced by “Prague’s favourite rock’n’roll enfant terrible” Lazer Viking. Published in partnership with Full Moon Forum, Present Sense Impression is the 27th release by the romantic label Weltschmerzen.


God And Eve / Mouth Organ Playing

The Slovak art-pop group God and Eve bought a Casio SA-20 children’s synthesizer through “bazoš” last year for 20 euros. Now the band composed and recorded an entire new song called “mouth organ playing” on it. The “so-called” summer hit was created a bit as spontaneously as was the accompanying visual, which was also animated by the singer and co-author of the song, Eva Sajanová.


KKR / Milujem

KKR is a new project by rapper Lyrik H (also known from bands Modré Hory and Zlokot) and elektronic producer Rentip. “Milujem” which translates as “I Love” is the first single from their new eponymous album which is planned to be released by the end of October 2022 and will contain nine mostly hip-hop oriented tracks. The video was directed by Branislav Vincze, postproduction was done by Zden Hlinka, camera by Furda Michal and besideds Lyrik and Rentip you can also see Ukrainian ballet dancer Алекса Петрова (Alexa Petrova) dancing in the video.


Urbsounds ‘Unpolished Fidelity

The Bratislava DIY collective celebrates its twentieth anniversary with new, unheard music on vinyl. The world has changed a lot since the beginning of the millennium. However, Urbsounds still go for noisy and dirty experimental electronics, from which you can feel the spirit of abandoned industrial spaces and punk squats. They commemorate their 20th anniversary with ten tracks created especially for this compilation. 

The selected tracks are composed by the founders of the collective Urbanfailure, RBNX, Ex-Jamka Daniel Kordík and Monika Šubrtová who today are respected soloists known internationally. You will also find here artists and producers like NDS, Makkatu, Dead Janitor, Vrtačky po desáté hodině or Maraki. The mastering was done by Adam Matej, a generation younger creator of electronic music performing as DJ Gäp and the artwork was made by the renowned new media artist Boris Vitázek.


Whithe, eónika / OA

The new track by Whithe, the Bratislava based producer was made in collaboration with eónika. Their new track is a combination of future garage, trance and post-dubstep.