Miroslav Tóth / Nénia pre Ukrajinu (Dystopic Requiem Quartet)

Dystopic Requiem Quartet (David Danel, Anna Veverková, Adam Pechočiak, Andrej Gál) have recorded a new composition called “Nénia pre Ukrajinu” by the composer Miroslav Tóth. The composition will be featured in a new film called “Žena novej doby” by the director Anna Grusková. “Nénia” means sadness or pain over death, it is a funeral song and also an ancient cry. The composition was recorded on the third day of the Russian agressive war on Ukraine. It is the author’s reaction on the Russian agression. 


Hvozd / Krehkou krajinou / Across Fragile Motherland

Bratislava based band Hvozd has released a first new song in 12 years. The group around two sisters – singers and composers Lucia Chuťková and Ivana Tirpáková created an atmospheric poetic song called “Across Fragile Motherland”. The composition is heralds a long-awaited new album which is planned to be released later this year. 


Blame Your Genes / Ruins

Blame Your Genes released a brand new song just in time for this month’s wrap up! On the last day of March the talented electronic producer sent out to the world his latest single called Ruins. The song came out with a super-cool video with 3-D visuals made by artists Paula Malinowska a Vladimíra Vrbiňáková.


Sunnbrella / Fever Dream

Sunnbrella is David Žbirka, a young Slovak musician living in London. The brand new song self-released on the musician’s Bandcamp takes us to a nostlagic 90s atmosphere, however it is not by any means retro – Fever Dream sounds rather authentic and current. The song was produced by the renowned Czech producer and experimental artist Oliver Torr. Inteligent pop with dreamy vocals, bits of shoegaze feeling in it and those lo-fi sounds is what we need and want to hear more. David adds “I personally feel that this is my best work yet and I think that it’s most representative of what I want Sunnbrella to be.”



Pkrek feat. 3 MMC / Načelo

“Načelo” is a song by electronic producer Pkrek from Myjava that he made in collaboration with the French duo 3MMC. Carlos and Framboise from Paris have already worked on Pkrek’s track “Dose” on his previous album Neuron. Video shows a moving images from the sci-fi artwork taken from the cover of the upcoming new record and it was done by the artist Miroslava Pjontek. Pkrek’s fifth studio album will be released in the first half of this year in collaboration with Haluzeum Produkt.


Genuine Jacks / We Care

Genuine Jacks are back with a straightforward garage pop song “We Care”. The new single was produced by the band’s good friend – the Czech producer and musician Lazer Viking. The quartet is currently living and working in Prague and is just about to release their brand new EP “Care”.


Jimmy Pé / Pé Is Not Dead

Jimmy Pé is releasing another banger on Slow Roast Records, the independent record label based out of Miami, Florida, founded by DJ Craze. The single “Pé Is Not Dead” strongly evokes Mr. Oizo’s legacy and the electronic music genres bass-house and electro-house. And that’s not all! The track is accompanied by a video by the director Simon Seriš.


NoT / Angels & Sailors

Bratislava-based electronic producer NoT is a newbie on the scene. His first official EP “Angels & Sailors“ was released this March on the Slovak electronic label Leporelo, which’s focus is mainly on house music and techno. The EP contains only three songs, but we are looking forward to hear more from this promising artist.


Jozef Krupa / Jozef Krupa Quartet

Another record that absolutely got us over the last month was released by musician, drummer and composer Jozef Krupa. Jozef is known for his work with jazz pianist Jana Bezek, Polish singer Grzegorz Karnas, Slovakian singer Szidy Tobias or electronic producer Stroon. He is also playing with bands Ankramu and Drť. This experimental ambient record is a beautiful work of art. Free-jazz influenced tracks together with improvisations by amazing fellow-musicians create an ideal night soundtrack to meditations on your own. 


SRNKA / Hydinové párky

Experimental group SRNKA has released a new video to another song from their debut album called Vedeli by ste niekto zahrať tmu?. Low-fi esthetics and surreal atmoshephe is of course included. is still there. Well, you can watch it for yourself:



0N0 / Clay Weight

Clay Weight is the first song from the upcoming new record by experimental doom / death metal band  0N0. Post-processing was done by Slovak experimental musician Angakok Thoth and mastering was done by Greg Chandler. The album by this Bratislava-based band will be called “Unwavering Residence” and will be released this June via The House of What You See.