Lash & Grey / Blossoms of Your World

They shortened their artistic pseudonym to Lash & Grey and announce their second album. Despite the short departure of new work from the acclaimed debut Sleepin’ With The Lights On the duo does not stay in the same place and moves even further musically. A new album Blossoms of Your World contains eight original compositions, which the couple themselves produced and arranged. They also collaborated with top Slovak and foreign artists on its finalization.


Jimmy Pé / Keď padal sneh (remix)

The song Keď padal sneh of the Slovakian band Fallgrapp was by the listeners of Rádio_FM chosen as a Single of the Year 2020 at Radio_Head Awards. Now the song has received an official remix, which was taken care of by the internationally acclaimed Slovak producer Jimmy Pé. In addition, he had a new interesting activity – he started creating beats for Chinese rappers, which is a result of his tour in China in 2017 and 2018.


Tolstoys / Skin Hunger (We Are Human Beings)

From Slovak dream-pop sensations comes another endearing and thoughtful single. Tolstoys’ latest release, Skin Hunger (We Are Human Beings), from the upcoming album Mirror Me, brings forward an animalistic and worldly sound. It is impressive how the music forms a sonic experience, starting as a slow and sparse beat leading to a hypnotic choral chant.


Veneer / Near You

In the summer, Veneer‘s song Two Ends of the Same Spectrum foreshadowed their second EP, which the band recorded after a long pause from their successful debut album. The EP differs significantly from its predecessor in terms of sound, the guitar areas have decreased and more synthesizer elements have appeared. The release of EP Near You is accompanied by an abstract video for the song Terminal, produced by the Anonymous Cyclists association.


Unstrung Harp / FAQ

The Czecho-slovakian band Unstrung Harp recently released a new video for their song FAQ by Bick Brunowský, featuring helpful firefighters and some hard-to-answer questions.


Fokular / Steep Shores

The single Steep Shores from the first solo album of the musician Fokular, who is known as the drummer of the instrumental doom / stoner / sludge duo Möbius, was given a visual appearance. The music video created by filmmaker Petr Kotrha has put an end behind last year’s debut Narrative.


Sisa Fehér / KHI

As a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and lyricist, Sisa Fehér has been creating works within a wide range of genres for several years. Her latest album, KHI, is a return to alternative jazz with an international list of collaborators. The theme and name of the album is derived from the Kelvin-Helmholtz effect, a physical phenomenon that creates impressive wavy phenomena on the water surface, in the sky cloud formations or in the atmosphere of planets and stars.


Edúv Syn / darkside / life is brutal

Edúv Syn has released the double single darkside / life is brutal, that foreshadows his upcoming album. It is promised by the end of this year and will contain 15 songs and feats with well-known as well as unknown names. However, the released single life is brutal is a rare version of the song, which will not be included on the new album.


Modré Hory / Beh všemohúci

Beh všemohúci is the name of a new single of the Slovak rap duo Modré hory , which was created in collaboration with a Slovak writer and journalist Martin Milan Šimečka. A song about touring and running, mixed with philosophical reflections of the mind, movement or existential mourning. The track is accompanied by a music video by director Braňo Špaček shot in the Slovak wilderness.


Zuzana Mikulcová / Fúzie

The international audiovisual project Fúzie (Fusion) of a singer and composer Zuzana Mikulcová received its final album form. Musical connections with artists such as Dan Bárta, Barbora Mochowa, Lara Aba Hamdan and Peter Lipa, come along with the release of the new single Můj stín featuring Jakub König, frontman of the Czech group Zvíře jménem Podzim. The physical album will be unconventionally released on USB disks.


Kasioboy / Industriál

Kasioboy released a new single Industriál, accompanied by an ingenious video created by a 3D animation of a virtual city of letters. In addition to Kasioboy, you can also hear the characteristic female vocals belonging to Slivka from their joint band Puding pani Elvisovej. The song is about city life and pulsating relationships.