Alapastel / Ceremony

Ceremony is the second album from Slovakian composer Lukáš Bulko, who records under the name Alapastel. Ceremony utilizes a wide array of instrumentation commonly used in ceremonies and rituals. The compositions deliberately work with an eclectic tonal palette and an intuitive sense of timing to guide the listener into unfamiliar territory. The recording was released via American label Lost Tribe Sound.


Blame Your Genes x Whithe / Nowhere 2 Go

“We’re Lukáš and Samo and we make techno for melancholics.” Slovak producers Blame Your Genes and Whithe introduced their new collaborative single Nowhere 2 Go



IAmNøt & Pkrek / Estrogen

After collaborating on the single Going Up, producers Pkrek a Sofia Nøt from the IAmNøt project present another new collab called Estrogen, which is the fourth sample of Pkrek’s upcoming studio album. This time it is a purely electronic matter, that comes with a dark atmospheric visual from Simon Seriš.



nvmeri / superpowers

After some time of the hiatus, the band nvmeri announced a new song superpowers. They do not promise more new songs or dropping a new album yet, but as they said in an interview for the Rádio_FM “we don’t plan to quarrel or break up, we just don’t know when the new music comes. We have to play first and then record. So book us for the shows and the new music will come!”



LOTTA / Primavera

Singer-songwriter Dagmar Mišíková, who makes music under the moniker Lotta, published a music video for the song Primavera. The song is from her debut EP recording Seafarer, which was released in June under the Deadred Records label, produced by a Slovak musician and composer Stroon.



Zorba Že Ja Buddha / Organ Chaos

Czech-Slovak project Zorba Že Ja Buddha released a new album Organ Chaos, which is a wild flight and therapy at the same time. Zorba can deceive even an experienced listener into the question of where this exceptional project actually comes from. It is not possible to compare this group of creative artists to anybody from the domestic Czech-Slovak music scene. (source: jazz.sk)



ERØ / Chocolate

Slovak singer, musician and composer ERØ comes with a music video for the song Chocolate. While in the first clip he joined Bratislava Burlesque, this time he collaborated with a dancer and choreographer Silvia Grachová from NØIR Dance Company.


Duhan / Behind the Horizon

Slovak producer Duhan released a new single Behind the Horizon. He invited a guitarist Jymy, who added a catchy bass line to Duhan’s electronic production. Both musicians also appear in the music video, which was filmed at dawn at Devínská Kobyla in Bratislava. The result is a fresh track, which in the context of his work so far is an interesting new direction.



White Place / Superposition

The Slovak band White Place releases a single together with a music video for the song Superposition. This is the third single from the upcoming album In Context, which will be released next year.



Vojdi / Tchor Sessions pt.1

“The world premiere is behind us! Feelings are, of course, indescribable, so we won’t describe them… ok? Thanks for the love and send it to all your friends and foes, and have a beautiful life!” What else we can say, watch the video of the first Vojdi‘s live session.