PRIE100R // Vdýchneme čiernych motýľov

After two and a half years, Prie100r came up with a new conceptual album Srdce z cínu, which represents a significant shift of their work into a new direction. It is darker and more electronic than its predecessor and the genre moves on the border between industrial, trip-hop and ambient.


FVLCRVM feat. Annet X // Do It All Again

Do It All Again is a song about failures as an essential part of life, which makes the song a perfect anthem of millennials. In the song Do It All AgainFVLCRVM teamed up with the Czech R&B singer Annet X. Her nostalgically soft and electrifying vocals perfectly complements the atmosphere of the song and, thanks to it, it gains the right “nineties” vibe. The original and distinctive music production with great export potential is accompanied by an equally high-quality music video.



Jonatán Pastirčák a.k.a. Isama Zing is a Bratislava based producer, DJ, member of Mäss micro-collective and SHAPE platform affiliate. His latest album Blurry AF is a collection of tracks that oscillate between recontextualization of the traditional roma ballads “halgato”, vocally driven pop architeture, outbursts of noise, drone and euphoric synth stabs all held together by tangible sound design.


God and Eve // The fastest way to deep clean a house

In the winter, God and Eve released their debut EP, with which they immediately attracted attention in Slovakia, and praise is also beginning to come from the Czech Republic. Now the young author’s tandem Eva Sajanová and Richard Grimm have put together four new songs called The Fastest Way To Deep Clean a House in which they continue with their playful art pop, strong melodic ideas and excellent singing.

Buy Her Sugar // Ticking

After a long pause, Buy Her Sugar are back with the energetic single Ticking. In the new era of the band dark atmosphere remained, but the dreamy sounds were replaced by vigor evoking elements of synthwave. 


Tolstoys // Cigarette Tongue

In their new song Cigarette Tongue, Slovakian Tolstoys describe the sudden departure of a loved one as a blow of the cigarette smoke from the lungs. The fourth Tolstoys single from the upcoming second album Mirror Me was created spontaneously, during one evening in a snow-covered cottage in the Low Tatras as one of the first tracks of their upcoming collection. 


NaiKavols // Nowlessness

NaiKavols is a Slovak queer artist, singer, lyricist, performer and producer. His new song Nowlessness uses the concept of singularity, which is built on the fusion of human and technological consciousness, relieving the being from its time limit and the dependence of human survival on material; meaning planet Earth. The song was part of a video instalation “Nowlessness act iii: hot in here”, curated by Ľuboš Kotlár in Kunsthalle Gallery Bratislava (5. nov. 2021).


Edúv Syn // Mám červené oči lebo stále plačem

Edúv Syn released an anticipated album called Mám červené oči lebo stále plačem (I always have red eyes because of crying). “It may have taken longer than it should have been, but originally there were other plans. Spread further like love. New music video today, then another …. Merch soon too. The novelty is rather uninteresting, I just wanted to fulfill my childhood dream and made a few CDs with the best graphics and photos and of course vinyl so stay tuned,” he said about the news on his social networks. (source: FB Edúv Syn)


Charm Kids // Les Misérables

Each week one single with vocals from talented artists from the different parts of the world. Charms Kids shared new music video for the single Les Misérables, created by designer Milan Stanco using animated technique. He DIY hand-painted printed black-and-white photographs from the videos he had shot. The song is sung by Liah Escroignard (France/Israel). She wrote the lyrics in her native languages, both French and Hebrew, inspired by the stories and memories of her grandfather and his interpretation of Viktor Hugo’s Les Miserables novel.


Prezident Lourajder // Kvapky

On the last day of the month, a Slovakian rapper Prezident Lourajder shared a new track Kvapky: “It was a complicated birth, but that’s the way it goes. It’s outside and maybe it’s worth it. Tell everyone about it and stay safe. Thanks.” (source: FB Prezident Lourajder)


Crystalist // Unpredictable

Peter Debnár continues his solo production under the moniker Crystalist and presents a new single Unpredictable. The title of the composition refers to the unpredictability of the musical direction that accompanies the musician in the new era of his work. The single, influenced by the synthwave and cyberpunk scene of the 80’s, has a strong Depeche Mode-ish vibe, produced in collaboration with a pianist Jany Pastirčák and Katarína Knechtová.