Banausoi / Imagines

The Czecho-Slovak band Banausoi, consisting of Petr Vrba, Václav Šafka and Ondrej Zajac is releasing its debut album Imagines, a collection of stories intertwined with the aesthetics of gentleness, radical improvisation and Greek mythology.


FVLCRVM, KeKe / Come Get Some ft. Ivan Dorn

FVLCRVMKeKe and Ivan Dorn are joining forces! “Come Get Some” is a cross-border collaboration single that unites three of the most thrilling artists from Slovakia, Austria and Ukraine. Three individual parts, three different places, one music video created by FVLCRVM himself. 


Lotta / Seafarer

Singer-songwriter Lotta, whose real name is Dagmar Mišíková, has so far been known mainly as the lyricist of the band Fallgrapp. Now she’s coming up with her first collection of songs, an EP called Seafarer. The first tasting is the song Léonard released as a single with an abstract music video by director John Klukas.


Tolstoys / Describe my name

Tolstoys have always had an impressively varied sound, and their latest single proves their commitment to dynamic and beautiful music. Describe My Name takes their sweet harmonies to dreamy extremes; blending simple lyrics with a romantic but melancholic backing track. The production is silky smooth, taking us on an effortlessly mellow journey in under three minutes. (source: The Indie Scene)


Quatro Emocione / Cheetahs In Danger

Most of the time you can see him with a bass guitar, but this time Miloš Bulík decided to show a completely different form of his musical self. Under the pseudonym Quatro Emocione, he released his debut EP record called Cheetahs In Danger. The recording attracts with its futuristic sound aesthetics transcending the boundaries of commonly known genres. This new musical style is globally called hyperpop.

BJ Piggo / Gergaz Beat Garden 9

Gergaz label published the ninth edition of the international compilation Beat Garden. The aim is to introduce new performers, whether new or not yet released on Gergaz, and at the same time unite the communities of listeners and performers. The selection of tracks for the latest one was covered by the Slovak DJ and producer BJ Piggo.


Riava / Zore

Bratislava band Riava is releasing their debut album Zore, which was created during the last 2 years and is released on the Well Played Records label. The fans can already know the song from the concerts, but on the studio version the band deepened its dreamy, surreal atmosphere.



Andrej Šeban / Zep Tepi

Zep Tepi is an ancient Egyptian term for a new age, a new time, a new era. The first three pages of the album are experimental works, one of the four parts are recordings from concerts, which Andrej Šeban played with various bands in the period 1998 – 2014. Zep Tepi loosely follows the Triplet. Andrej’s painting is used on the cover again and the album is also a continuation of the “cinema for ears” line.


White Place / This Is The Truth Speaking

What would the truth say if it could? Prešov based band White Place has a new single and a video out called This Is The Truth Speaking. After the song Extro, this is the second teaser for the announced album called In Context.


Jimmy Pé / Bumpy ft. Jimmy Danger

Slovak beat maximalist Jimmy Pé released the EP recording Gargantua at the end of 2020. From a collection of six energetic tracks that are faster, more dynamic and inspired by Jersey sound than his other work, he has now decided to recall the single Bumpy with a new visual. The comic-tuned video was shot in an unconventional place – in Oktagon Gym.


Marián Slávka / Vláska 2

The basis of Vláska 2 was established a few years ago at a concert in Brno, when Marián Slávka spat out an improvised piano intro on stage in front of one of the songs. He memorized the instrumental theme at the time and now used it as the main motive, which blends, modulates and sounds in different tones throughout the new album. You can feel elements of classical music and a non-violent reference to Dežo Ursiny. Something like sonatas after a modern intervention by a producer.


FVLCRVM x Subtension / Toxic (No Good)

Just one week ahead of the “Come get some” FVLCRVM released also another of his bootlegs. For the fresh mashup of Toxic by Britney Spears and No Good by The Prodigy he joined forces with Slovak drum&bass producer Subtension. All the funds coming from the track will be donated to Mental Health League (dusevnezdravie.sk).