Dead Janitor | Pendulum

Dead Janitor presents his new album Pendulum after the steadily produced Medusa LP in 2019. In Pendulum Dead Janitor uses an arsenal of pixelated breakbeats, stuttering samples, and soundscapes to create an adventurous form of polyrhythmic electronica. Your ears will be pleased by complex IDM experiences that reveal hidden patterns and rhythmic undercurrents over repeated listenings.


Bios | Powers of Ten

Duo Bios is a set of visual artists, two members Boris Sirka and Joseph Tusan. Their live shows are characterized by site- specific audiovisual live act and genre tend to be the procedure of composing analog old school industrial music and the current drone scene.


Slowlick feat. Nina Kohoutová, Peter Kohout | Lancaster

Lancaster is a new song from the Trenčín based band Slowlick inspired by Edward Estlin Cummings poem. Featuring Nina Kohoutová a Peter Kohout.


Idea & Jana Kirschner | Hesla

Czech rapper Idea has released a new record “O beatech a lidech”, which hosts up to 25 artists. The track Heslá is the collaboration with Slovak singer-songwriter Jana Kirschner, who you will find here in the position of a rapper, which is not very usual form for her. “At a time when our worlds are divided by boundaries, quarantines, prohibitions, opinions or prejudices, we find common themes, melodies, words and beats. We sit at the same table, debate, accept new challenges. ”


FVLCRVM | attentioncore remixed

FVLCRVM’s attentioncore remixed EP is out now on MOM I MADE IT. It features new Panteros666 music, a KASPERG remix and more! You can also finally purchase attentioncore vinyl and merch here. 


Gabriel Kain | Pocit

When Gabriel Kain released his debut eponymous EP in September 2019, he planned to get one of the presented introspective compositions into a visual form. The choice fell on the single “Pocit”. The video aims at an invisible but intense conflict, taking place in a growing number of people living in modern society.


Blame Your Genes | Icarus

Electronic producer Blame Your Genes has released a new single. The song Icarus will be a part of the upcoming EP “Friends”. Last year’s album Planéty was recently ranked by an expert jury and Rádio_FM among the top 5 acts in the category of electronic music at the Radio_Head Awards 2020.


Berlin Manson | Inak, namáš náhodou pokazený reprák?

Berlin Manson is a proof of complete genre, production and attitude freedom, without trying to put themselves into a predetermined image or fully fit anywhere. The most interesting is their ability to update post-synth punk sound, move on a strange verge between analogue and digital, and, with an ironic grin, to comment on the current issues, mainly within, but often exceeding the DIY/underground scene, but at the same time be a fresh part of it in the form of an unexpected system error. 


Toello | Zexy

Toello opens up the year with a fresh new single Zexy: „This is what 3 hours in a photo studio and a camera look like. It was so much fun filming and recording this. Hope you enjoy my new single Zexy.” (source: FB Toello)


ODM & Kabal | User Acceptance Testing

It took 6 months since flatmates KabalODM managed to do some track together. Regarding the fact that both of them share same crib and have their rooms packed with gear, that is pretty slowpoke result. But when this finally happened, the feeling of everlasting bliss filled their household in Prague. Acidish techno joint has it all: psychedelic overtones, no bullshit, in your face rhythm and loads of love. For your purest personal enjoyment, here it comes.



ERØ | Utópia

Erik Žigmund gained attention in 2019 with his first single Naspäť tam. He showed in it his feeling for catchy melodies, unusual arrangements and meaningful lyrics, by which he can be easily identified. After two years, he releases his debut album Utópia where he offers twelve completely new personal testimonies. 


Fvck_Kvlt feat. Dusan Vlk | Povedz, kto je Denis

Fvck_Kvlt announced a series of Commercial Mainstream Nihilism EPs. From the first EP with the subtitle KVLT RADIO he released the single Povedz, kto je Denis together with Dusan Vlk