Shallov / Coexist

Shallov have released a new studio recording, for the first time together with a music video as a complex audiovisual work. It’s called Coexist and reflects their last 2 years of existance, cyclic thoughts of despair, confusion, self-doubt, love and hope. The outcome carries a lots of memories and feelings, which they now let go to spread love and fellowship.


Timea / Patience

In the short time of her work, Timea managed to attract many Slovak and Czech media and preceded artists such as Madison McFerrin (US) and Mighty Oaks (DE). She released her debut EP recording Confusion of Warmth in November 2021, along with the singles Lose My AirWhile the Sunset Goes and the digitally released song Patience in January. Past months she was working with a Dutch manager and music agent Andries Van Wieren, who chose Timea to work with in the LALA mentoring program.


FVLCRVM / Wildfire

In the second half of January, Fvlcrvm released a new single Wildfire. “I’ve made this one in the shittiest time of my life last year when I realized however rational I thought I was some pre-programmed instincts are absolutely beyond my control with no age restriction. FCK LOCKDOWNS!” (source: FB Fvlcrvm)


Samuel Hošek / Brooklyn

Singer and songwriter Samuel Hošek announced a new music video for the song from his debut album Our Time is Now (2020). The song is called Brooklyn and, as its name suggests, it was written in New York. Jureš Líška from the band Fallgrapp took care of the music production and electronics, and Jakub Šedivý, known from the duo Lash & Gray, recorded the guitar.


Tolstoys/ Gentle

In less than a month, the second album of Tolstoys will be released. Gradually they introduced other songs from the recording and now comes the fifth single, which has a special place in the tracklist of the upcoming recording. The new single Gentle is about a woman who finds and embraces her strength and self-love by accepting her own body.


Blame Your Genes x Whithe

The union of electronic producers Blame Your Genes and Whithe has proven as working in the past with their single Nowhere 2 Go. They continue with their collaboration with the recently published techno track Jox.


Darkness Positive / We grew

The great instrumentalists Darkness Positive surprised with a new album We grew. Again, it is something different from its predecessors. The six songs contain almost no lyrics and have a very different mood.