Subtension / Stranger

Despite his young age, Subtension managed to enroll into the discography of renowned drum & bass labels such as Ram Records, Critical Music, Neosignal and many more. In December, he came up with a new EP Stranger, capturing the rebirth of his view on music making. Instead of tracks that work on the dance floor, he focuses more on experimental electronica or downtempo. 


Nina Kohout / Moonlight

Nina Kohout, the winner of Radio_Head Awards in Discovery of the Year category for 2020, will soon present her debut EP in which she pushes the sound and musical rules beyond her own boundaries. The first sampling is the single Moonlight – a song with ethereal vocals, instrumentally diverse and unpredictable sound and a hibernating atmosphere. 


Tomáš Prištiak / Dog Rose

dog-rose is an exploration of musical articulation and vocalization. Its themes can be felt gnawing at the surface of the world: people’s clumsy everyday intimacies, the neverending pursuit of self-knowledge, God. Of foremost interest was the unreliability of memory as a tool through which we experience life, yielding an attempt to dismantle it into its minute elements. Tomáš Prištiak is a member of Tante Elze, Pain Palace (FKA Weltschmerzen), and dog-rose is his first solo album and the 11th release by contemplative label Weltschmerzen.


Bulp / Mahri

Bulp recently presented a new solo version of his live show and announced that he would focus more on club dance tracks in his work. In his new single Mahri, he combines striking break-beat rhythms with penetrating bass frequencies, strong synthesizer lines and rhythmically cut vocal samples. Mahri, similarly to the previous single, is an energetic piece that presents Samo Štefanec’s production in a more vigorous form, with a faster BPM and an uncompromising approach.


Katarzia / n5

Katarzia released her fifth album after a year of collaboration with producer Oliver Torr, along with three co-productions by Evil Medvěd, Ancestral Vision and Isama Zing. The collection is simply called “n5” and she is again toying with an experimental club sound with elements of hyperpop, more intimate pieces are enhanced by the guitar sound. The songs written in Ableton by Katarzia are taken into the hands of Oliver Torr and equilibristic production works are created.



Keosz / Corrupt a file I

Graphic designer and music producer KEOSZ dropped a new EP called Corrupt a file I. “Here is my new EP, collection of unfinished sounds, records i took from my already full HDD to make u not forget about me. Will try hold this series more active.”


Stroon / Überhormones

Überhormones was written in 2018 thanks to Slovak Arts Council’s stipend program in cooperation with the writer Nykola Košnárová, with whom Stroon worked on his previous composition Songs of Concealed Amplitude. The initial idea was whether humanity could be elevated to the next level, to so-called Humanity 2.0, by means of synthesis of hormones. What would it be like if we could control hormonal secretion at will? What would we use it for and what it would do to our self-image? Writing the lyrics required studying the functions of the human endocrine system and the roles and effects hormones have in the human body.


Whithe / Koora

Whithe je slovenský elektronický hudobník produkujúci atmosférické, experimentálne ambient/tanečné skladby primárne s analógovým vybavením. V priebehu jeho kariéry sa jeho hudba pohybovala od evokatívnych zvukových plôch po konkrétnejšie a klubovo orientované zvuky súčasného techna a future garage. Aktuálny singel Koora ponúka svižný tanečný spodok a breakbeatové medzihry bez toho, aby sa vzdával celkovej éterickosti.

Whithe is an electronic musician producing atmospheric, experimental ambient / dance songs using primarily analog gear. Throughout his career, his music has ranged from evocative soundscapes to more specific and club-oriented sounds of contemporary techno and future garage. His new single Koora offers a brisk dance floor and breakbeat interludes without giving up the overall ethereality.


Pain Palace / Pain Palace

Exactly two years after their debut album, the project formerly known as Weltschmerzen returns as Pain Palace. The project’s new moniker resolves potential confusion with the eponymous record label, but it is a change in name only. The music remains ambiguous in genre but emotionally resolute, an amalgam of approaches bound by an awareness of the remorseful nature of the world. This is a continuity in creed rather than sound. Apart from the occasional drums, peculiarly captivating in tempo and rhythm, Pain Palace do little to invoke their first album.


Says / In A Loop

After a while, the band Says came up with a new single In A Loop. In a song instruments such as electronics come to the fore even more than in the past. The lyrics are drawn throughout the song like a red ribbon dealing with one of the current topics that is the repetition of stereotypes in life habits and the one’s inability to break out of them.


Pkrek / Nostalgie fest. Filip Konvalinka

Pkrek invited a rapper from the legendary formation Pio Squad, Filip Konvalinka, to collaborate on his new single Nostlagie. They also included the well-known Brno DJ Opia in the composition with a nostalgic theme, who spiced up the trip hop-tuned beat with scratches and word cuts from the film Commando, which all of them has loved since their childhood.


White Place /Empty Session

At the end of the year, White Place released a video called Empty Session, in which they presented seven new songs, six of which have not yet been officially released. The concert captured on a dynamic camera was filmed in an empty cultural centre hall in Vranov nad Topľou in December.


Charms Kids / Ordinaire

Charms Kids continues in their established plan – one single every week with vocals from talented artists from different parts of the world. The new piece Ordinaire was originally intended as a straightforward punk guitar song with live drums. After a series of unexpected coincidences and the intervention of a producer Pjoni, the song resulted in a quality electro hyperpop.